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In the 1700's, while the glory of Venice was to the apex of its splendor but to the beginning of its express decline, Carlo Goldoni anticipated the french revolution renewing the european theatre: it removed to the actors the mask of the comedies of the art in order to show the true face and the emotions of the bourgeois of the age of the illuminism. In this every film-documentary reference to facts or real persons is not at all accidental, indeed: happened of Carlo Goldoni work is just to a skillful drama organization of its real life. Goldoni door in scene the true protagonists of its private universe in order to exalt its passions: love, food and gambling, ironic, backs of the fate and its enemies. An art that, in virtue of its famous reform of the theatre and the comedy, will touch unsurpassable summits and will carry the world wide reputation.

An Alessandro Bettero film With Alessandro Bressanello Olivier Bayle Videau Michel Colin Tiziana Grillo Roberto Puliero Flavio Rover Stefano Scandaletti Ferruccio Soleri Jean Louis Vern Angelo Zampieri

Special guests di Luca De Fusco Lluís Pasqual Pierluigi Pizzi Luca Ronconi Maurizio Scaparro

Produced by Amelia Fiorenzato Vip Mediacom Kublai Film Venezia Task Communication

Written by Luigi Lunari

Director of Photography Andrea Chiozzotto

Executive Producers  Alessandro Bettero, Lucio Scarpa, Paolo Canova

Production Manager Laura Barani

Assistant Director
Valeria Baldan

Editing Enrico Girotto and Giandomenico Zeppa

Sound Francesco Liotard and Federico Pelle

Audio Post-Production The Basement Studio, Globe Studio Sample, Giovanni Polloni

Grading L'Immagine Ritrovata

Format  HD 1080 16:9 Color

Music by Tomaso Albinoni, Arcangelo Corelli, Baldassare Galuppi, Benedetto Marcello, Alessandro Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi

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